Universal Approach of Digital Marketing


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  • Apr 23, 2019
Advanced Digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, the term creates a kind of confusion in the mind of those professionals who aren't acquainted with this new branch of marketing. Earlier, to advertise or introduce any new innovation or product, the marketing team had to spend a major chunk of their budget in their department, which further creates no scope for any new innovation or production for the whole year. Imagine the actual raw material and labor cost of a coca-cola bottle is $0.01575 for a 355ml (12flounces). Now, we will calculate the remaining cost on the profit. But, the calculation will be completely incorrect, because sales, marketing, and promotion eat up the major chunk of profit margin which came as a grave concern for the other departments of the company because they were not able to perform because of lack of budget. Here comes the revolutionary role of Digital Marketing. You just need a 30sec to 1min interesting video of the product with crisp and laughable content which will be shared as a topic of amusement on social media websites and messengers. The people who are sharing your content just for the Good Morning wishes or Christmas Wishes are working for you from their internet data, from their smartphone and your logo and product is being advertised among the masses without any hurdle. Secondly, you don't need big personalities or faces on Social Media or Digital Marketing to advertise your product, a harmless Pug breed dog can attract your audience if the content is shareable. Earlier, the marketing team had to approach any big celebrity, ask for the dates, prepare the costume and sets which incurred a huge amount of wealth but now, you just need good content which is considered the king in digital marketing. Remember, if you have creativity and a good team with you, you can operate in a small office with your creative team. Nowadays, what matters is the content that can be shared and which is ideated with universal thought. For example, it should be like Potato, which is available in most of the countries with the power of substituting itself even when it is boiled or fried!

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